Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Have Come to One Conclusion, or Maybe Two or Maybe...

I have concluded that there is nothing in this house that I want to eat. I walk to the refrigerator, open the door and stare. Nothing looks good. Of course it is only 9:45 am and I have already had my coffee and cereal. Now I feel like nibbling. Nothing strikes my fancy.

I have no desire to clean house. Dust bunnies need love too. If I drag out the vacuum out and use it, tomorrow there will be more stuff on the carpet to clean up.

Soon the dryer will notify me that I need to go back upstairs and put clothes away. How come my husband has shirts of every possible color but wears the same one over and over?

I need to buy some clothes and shoes for me but I just can not justify spending the money. So, I'll just keep wearing those shoes with the holes in them. After all why use my other shoes to walk the dogs in the rain. The ground behind our building always floods anyway.

We may soon get rid of the parrot. It will be a lot less noisy here when that happens. Bye, bye Birdie- oh wait that was a Broadway play with Dick Van Dyke. Next we will probably try to buy an aquarium. Have they gotten expensive, or is it just my imagination? Well, if we do, I wonder how many of the fish I pick out will die in less than a week? That always seems to happen to the fish I like. The others will hang on forever.

At least the Astros are looking better. Rookie Hunter Pence is such fun to watch. It is nice to see a young player do well and enjoy what he is doing. Carlos Lee is playing well too. Roger Who? So, it is a long season, one game at a time.

Any other conclusions out there? I'm sure I'll find some later. Conclusions never end, they just go to another place and hide.


Dr.John said...

Put some duct tape over the holes in the shoes and they will stay dryer too.