Thursday, May 10, 2007

ATV Safety

I enjoy watching America's Funniest Videos just like most of us do. But somethings just aren't that funny. How many times does a guy have to get hit in the crotch before people stop thinking it is so funny? Rope swinging into a tree is great fun, right? Babies and pets are funny. A person's pain is not funny. I remember my Dad telling me about when his brother accidently hit my Dad in the head with a baseball bat when they were kid. His brother thought it was very funny, Dad didn't.

I see a lot of videos of four wheelers rolling over onto a rider. That is not funny. Children are frequently hurt playing with these things. Even adults in attempts to do stunts get hurt. They are fun to ride be we need to remember these things can be dangerous, if not deadly.

People love to ride these vehicles around fields and dirt roads and other assorted places. Rescue searchers frequently use them. However we must always remember these are heavy and powerful machines, not toys. Even under the best conditions, things can go wrong. My son Pat's friend Marty had one. He lived out in the country and rode it all over their property. Now Pat will be going to Marty's funeral. He leaves behind a wife and an 8 month old son.

Remember an ATV can be fun to ride. Please think safety first.


.Tom Kapanka said...

Right you are. Some friends of mine a few years back lost their son who crashed into a tree on a friends ATV at their house. What do you do with a situation like that? Best friends spending the day together (parents, too) and all of a sudden you're grieving together and trying hard not to place blame.