Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This Must Be Little Old Lady Day

I went to WalMart this morning to get a money order for a bill and noticed several little old ladies. Two of them were in front of me at the customer service line. They were old and cute. But there was a lady I noticed pull up next to me with her cart. I knew when I looked at her she was going to be trouble. I had been waiting patiently in line for my turn. The old lady behind me asked if I was waiting for someone. I told her no, I was getting a money order. I guess she was not paying attention. She kept pushing her cart up beside me. When it was my turn, I did my business only to have this little old lady start chewing me out for getting in front of her. She said I was waiting for someone and she should be next in line, not me. I politely told her that I said to her that I told her,I was not waiting for someone I was getting a money order. She preceded to start griping louder and pushed her cart next to me at the desk. I simply told her that I was not going to argue with her. She kept fussing. As the clerk handed me my money order I, over the continued rantings, I told the clerk thank you and the old lady to have a nice day. I guess she is still ranting.

Well one day I will be a little old lady. I hope I dont do that. Funny how sometimes you just know someone is going to be a problem. Then as I drove off to another errand I passed a Baptist church. I noticed on their marquee this statement "He who angers you, possesses you" I had to laugh. Bless those little old ladies.