Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Breaking News...I Think

Finally after a couple of days playing witch doctor over this computer it seems to be functioning normally. Or as normal as it can considering all the stuff on it.

In the middle of trying to catch up on the junk in my mail I heard some motor noises outside. I guessed that the building next to us was getting it's yard done again. But No...Low and behold there is noise behind our building. I peek out the window to see a strange man with a stranger looking machine walking around. I think they call it a lawnmower! Excuse me I may just have to get out the champagne! Then the next sound was the sound of the weed eater. There are a lot of weeds out there. Then I have to hope that the guy doesn't tear up my elephant ears or the tomatoes and peppers I planted in the former cat litter box. Of course now I have to go out the front door and sweep the stuff off the front stoop. Oh well, at least now the dogs can pee without disappearing in the weeds.

Then I hear that dogs who have separation anxiety now can take Prozac. Why does think strike me so funny? A dog on Prozac- now the kids can not only steal from the parents to get drugs, they can steal from the dog!

I think somebody needs to call out an Amber Alert on the Houston Astros bats. They seem to have run away. No reward will be offered though. We are just looking for the safe return of the runs that have not been scored. So in the interest of Houston Astros fans, if anyone has found our bats/runs please send them back. We really need them!

Now I need to go raid the penny jar to scrape together money to pay for garbage pick up. Today they decide not to take ours. Naturally when I have a big amount. They could not do this when I had none. Should have stuck some in the car with Amanda when she went on her road trip to Michigan. After all, a lot of it is hers. Ha!

At least Friday is payday. Let's see who will get paid...?

Got any Prozac?