Thursday, May 24, 2007

That Jersey Will Cost You

In a time when we hear a lot about athletes having problems with drugs, DUI, accidents or violence, it is nice to hear something positive. We don't hear enough about players who do nice things. The Associated Press and ABC News with Charles Gibson picked up this story.It is about a couple of Houston Texan football players. Ahman Green came to the Texans from the Green Bay Packers where he played for seven years. He always wore jersey number 30, plus he turned 30 earlier this year. Unfortunately Jason Simmons had worn that number with the Texans since their inception in 2002. Green really wanted that number. He was going to have to ask Simmons if he could have it. He was a little nervous about it, but Simmons said it was ok with him with a catch. Simmons wanted Green to make a down payment on a house for a family who needed help. Simmons and Green both agreed that charity and helping families in need in the Houston area is important.

It is nice to see that high dollar players who realize that it is not all about the money. It also created a great bond between the two players. Simmons and Green are working out the details and plan to announce the results later. It is nice to see a long time team memeber and a new member get together to help the less fortunate. That's the way to set a good example. I will ge watching #22 Jason Simmons and #30 Ahman Green with pleasure this year.