Friday, December 05, 2008

Another Teacher Busted

Call me crazy but I thought we were supposed to look up to teachers as good role models. I know there are many, many teachers who are excellent at their job. But lately, at least in the Houston area, a lot of teachers are being arrested. Most recently several teachers have been arrested at school for drugs. Usually the drug dog finds evidence in the teacher's car. Most of the time marijuana is found, sometimes cocaine. Why? Do they think they will not be discovered? Is there a flaw in the employment process?

Not that long ago we heard stories of teachers having affairs with underage students. Now, some teachers have chosen to bring or use drugs on campus. This really must make the good teachers feel terrible. I look back at my school years and never heard any bad stories about the teachers. Now it seems that nearly every day there is another story of a teacher getting arrested. What is the matter with these teachers, or our education system that allows this to happen?This is sad.


Duez said...

Interesting. In my days there were no school dogs. And I know for sure there were plenty of dope smoking 70s and 80s principals and teachers in my schools.

But, teachers reflect society just as the kids in the schools do. In the Houston area specifically, we have grown so much that we have a lot of openings. So schools are taking who they can find. It does open the door to some folks without much experience and who may be of questionable fiber. But, we need people. I know of some principals who have hired people sight unseen! Amazing.

Unknown said...

You are right. We do need more, better teachers. Like you said, maybe it is just a reflection of society. Doesn't say much for us, does it?

Dr.John said...

Once teaching was a profession but now it's a job. Professionals were required when it was a profession now any live body will do.

Grimm said...

And back in the day I thought my 5th grade science teacher Mr. Cosko was weird because of his massive nose hair.

Who knew?