Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hello, Wait a Minute, You're Dead

I heard a news story that I found just a little disturbing. Apparently there is a new trend in burial with what people want to take with them to the grave. Of course there are people who want to be buried in a favorite dress or clothes. Some people want to be buried with a favorite piece of jewelery. My grandfather was buried with his ceremonial Marine sword. I've even heard of men who wanted to be buried with a favorite golf club. But a cell phone?

I can remember back in the day, pre-cell phone, when the joke was that teenagers would have to have an operation to remove the phone from their ears. Well now apparently some people are choosing to be buried with their cell phone.This is strange on so many levels. I remember reading stories about how, years ago, people were buried with a bell attached to them in case they were not really dead, they could pull the cord to ring the bell for help. Maybe being buried with a cell phone is the same thing?

I can just imagine this. A loved one gets a call. It is from the cell phone of the recently departed loved one.That would be creepy enough, but suppose they answer the phone.They hear "Hey, Honey, I forgot to tell you to cancel my dentist appointment." Or "If you really want to know, I haven't seen St. Peter any where around here, but at least it is not hot." Then there might be the ultimate kiss off by a dead person, " I never got to sign the new will, so sorry, you won't be getting anything."

With so many people addicted to their cell phones I have to wonder about this new trend. Is there texting after death? Will Verizon really go through that "dead zone"? Will roaming charges apply?


pineapple said...

i heard about that. it has got to be one of the stupidest things ever because how many dead people say, can you hear me now?"

cube said...

This reminds me of a modernization of the Edgar Allan Poe story about the man who feared being buried alive.