Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Almost Time, Do You Know Where the Gifts Are?

Have you finished shopping yet? Or will you be one of those people racing around looking for last minute gifts? Have you finished wrapping the gifts? Have you hidden them well enough?

Years ago when we had young children I tried to start buying early.One year I managed to buy, wrap and hide all the presents a couple of months before Christmas. I was so proud of myself. That was the one and only time that ever happened.

So as a reminder to all who still have presents to buy, wrap and hide,it's not easy being the Christmas elf in charge of presents.
Keeping track of who gets what and making sure all kids get the right number of gifts is an art. After all, if one kid gets one less present there could be a pouting child. Then of course the Christmas elf has be make sure there is plenty of tape, boxes and name tags. Remember wrapping paper must be appropriate for each gift. No poinsettia paper for those who don't like those flowers. Yes there are some who don't like to see a lot of poinsettias at Christmas, right Annie?

Then comes the most important part. You have to be sure you hide the gifts so they will not be found by curious children or spouses. My kids loved to try to track down the gifts and try to figure out what was inside. That is the main reason I became the Christmas gift hiding queen. I was way ahead of everybody. Gifts were all wrapped, tagged and hidden long before the big day. Of course there would always be at least one I could not find. One year I found a present several months later. So be sure to make note of where all the gifts are. If you have junior elf helping you with these chores make sure they double check everything and keep a good list.

Now that you have done all of this and are sure everything has been done, relax. Sit down have a drink of eggnog (plain or high test). Put your feet up,enjoy the decorations and think. Forgot anything?


Anonymous said...

HEY...I actually bought 2 pointsettias this year! Granted I kept them at Amy's house, but I still bought them.

And skylar made me a BEAUTIFUL one on construction paper. <3

Dr.John said...

Those were the days. Now there is nobody to hide them from.

cube said...

I remember those days. My girls are in their teens now so we don't have to hide gifts too well. They pretty much know what they're getting. Sometimes they've even picked it out.

One year they really wanted a wii, but so did the rest of the planet and they were very hard to find. I kept telling them that I was looking, but had had no luck. The stores were sold out, etc.

On Christmas morning they were shocked to find a wii under the tree from Santa. It brought back some of the old charm of Christmas time when they were little.

pineapple said...

mmmm! egg nog! forget the shopping and skip straight to the drinking!

bettygram said...

One year when the grandchildren were very young I put all the gifts in the large spare room which the grandchildren slept in. The grandchildren once in bed stayed there so I thought the gifts were safe. Not so the youngest got out of bed and opened all the gifts. Nothing like having to wrap the gifts twice.

Catch said...

One year when I was in high school my Mother was working and I was home alone so I got into my gifts ( she hid them in the cedar chest) and tried everything on!!! Wasnt I such a brat??? lol

maria said...

When my sons were young, they were very well behaved and they never tried to find their gifts.

I guess I'm one of those lucky moms.