Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas Elf

There once was a girl named Patricia who lived in south Alabama. It was near Christmas and while she was looking forward to it she didn't really believe in Santa Claus anymore. After all she was almost ten, much too old to still believe in such stories. She liked looking at the stockings hung by the fireplace. Her mother had made them by hand. There was a stocking that looked like an argyle sock for her father. Her mother's stocking looked like an old fashioned woman's high buttoned boot. Even the dog, Dixie, had a stocking. It was in the shape of a bone. Patricia's stocking was white with glittered Christmas decorations and bells on it. She knew that come Christmas morning it would be filled with a few little presents and some fruit, nuts and candy as would her parents stockings. Dixie's would have doggy toys and treats.

Patricia loved this time of year. She liked all the pretty decorations and the presents under the tree. She still looked forward to opening those carefully decorated boxes that her mother decorated with love. But Patricia already knew what she was getting for Christmas because she had accidentally found the bicycle hidden in the shed in the back yard. But she vowed to be happy any way.

But on Christmas Eve, she saw something she had not seen before. At least she did not think she had ever seen it. An elf sitting on the mantle piece. He wore a red suit and had a little green hat on his head. Puzzled she asked her mother about it. She did not know where it came from either.

When Christmas morning came Patricia saw her new bicycle as well as some things she did not expect like a record player and some records. She had wanted a record player but decided not to ask for one since she knew she was getting the bicycle. So where did the record player come from? As she put a record on the player, she looked up at the bookcase in the corner of the room. The elf was sitting on the top of the shelf. Santa? Maybe he does exist.

Years later when Patricia was married with children of her own she had a visitor a couple of days before Christmas. Her children saw him too as he sat on a lamp shade. They snickered when she told the kids he was one of Santa's elves.That was until they discovered on Christmas morning that he had moved across the room.The spirit of Christmas?

It has been a few years since Patricia has seen the little elf. But as all believers know, he is around. To this day Patricia still believes.To all a Merry Christmas.