Tuesday, December 16, 2008

That's Enough, Daisy

Maybe it's the weather. Or maybe I just have a nutty dog.I just took her for a walk around the block. Of course she enjoyed tracking whatever she thought was interesting. I was just along for the ride, I mean walk. Oh well, it was good exercise.

So now we are back and Daisy is bouncing around like a kid. The other day my son was over here and she pestered him. He and I were looking at my monitor. My computer desk is behind our sofa. Well Crazy Daisy decided she wanted in on the action. She climbed onto the back of the sofa and then onto my son's arm. Pat was kneeling at the computer while I was in my chair. Pat had his arm across the back of the sofa. So Daisy walked right onto his arm up to his shoulder. No fear. But now she is pushing on the back of my chair. Enough Daisy, get back. Is she going to listen? No. I try to turn around and there she is standing on her hind legs looking at me as if to ask me something. What in the world is with her? There she goes again, across the back of the sofa. Be still, will ya!

Daisy is not afraid of falling off the sofa, but I am. Now she is miffed at me cause I am not paying attention. She brought over one of the toys and dumped it by the chair. Now she is sitting by me, pouting. Maybe she has noticed the promos for Marley's movie. I read the book and sometimes I think they could be related.

Well now it looks like I may have to referee a game here. Daisy has this idea that Lady would like to get out of her chair and actually play with her. Not a chance kiddo. Lady is so above all the nonsense that Daisy wants. After all, those toys actually belong to Lady, or so she says.

Hum... now what? Maybe she finally heard me. Just how many times did I tell her to stop pushing and bouncing around? Humph! Well I guess now she is tired of trying to get attention. So why is she right at my feet sitting in anticipation? Sorry Daisy, that's enough.


Dr.John said...

Ah yes! Dog and their games. They learn how to train us well.

Grimm said...

At least Daisy is polite in her pestering. Our lab would do a full-on mosh pit body bash that would knock you off the chair and send you sprawling on the floor.

Then she'll cover your face in slobber for forgiveness.