Monday, December 15, 2008

Strange Feelings

Yesterday was fairly nice. It was cool and a little cloudy,but comfortable. It did rain in spots, like Relaint Stadium during the football game. That was a little strange. The roof is usually closed but since it has not been repaired yet, the players and some fans got a little wet.

Of course today we will probably have another strange day. The temperature was in the 60-70's range. Right now it is 43 and going down.We could even have one of those strange happenings of freezing rain. Then tomorrow the temperatures will go up and by Thursday we could be up to 79. Strange weather here. What's next?

Strangely, this year I still have not gotten into the Christmas spirit. I am tired of all the commercials selling "great" gifts for everyone. Is that all there is? Do kids really need a dozen presents? Of course we would like a new tv from Santa but until Jimmy gets paid for some work he did for a couple of people who keep promising... At least we can put a couple of dollars in the Salvation Army kettle whenever we go by. Strange how a hurricane will make you change your feelings about things.

Oh well. What is that annoying beep? Crap. It's the answering machine. Guess I'll go back up the stairs to see what the useless message is this time.


Dr.John said...

It is 2 below zero here today and supposed to be colder tomorrow so bask in your warmth.

cube said...

My kids are in their teens. I can't seem to work up the old enthusiasm I used to have for Christmas when they were little.

maria said...

I agree with you Jill, about the TV and newspapers commercials about
Xmas gifts.

I have "up to here" with them. And this is not the first year either.

I realized "years ago" that all that nonsense about Christmas is only to make merchants richer.

My husband and I are having a very quiet day with our 2 sons and girlfriends. Very few gifts but we will still have a good time just being together.