Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Can I Have That Pitch Back?

That must be what Brad Lidge is thinking. One strike away from going to the World Series. When Albert Pujols hit that homerun the stadium fell silent. Screams could be heard in neighborhoods all over Houston. Stunned, the team had to hurriedly make changes in the clubhouse. The staff had to move the trophy, take down the banner and remove the bottles of champagne. It was a gut wrenching, heart breaking loss. No one could feel worse than Brad Lidge. One pitch changed everything. Momentum was on their side. The team really wanted to win it at home for the fan who have been so loyal for 45 years. It will be hard to win in St. Louis. It's deja vu all over again as Yogi once said. The Astros are facing the same situation they did last year. Leading 3-2 with 2 games left. They lost both. Hopefully, this time history will not repeat itself. Two games left, we only need one! Go Astros!


Callen Damornen said...

I have to disagree with your tagline. You are just as important as your important thoughts:-) And hate to disappoint you, but when push comes to shove, I will have to say, "Go White Sox!"

The Right Left

Unknown said...

Everybody has an opinion, thanks for yours. I think it would be a great series if it were Sox vs Astros. They both deserve a shot.
Thanks for the visit.

S said...

Ohhhhhhhh that hurt didn't it? I was stunned! Absolutely STUNNED! Let's hope they get it together tomarrow & end the series. George is so excited the White Sox are in the World Series & I'd really really love to see the Astros go. I've got my fingers, eyes & toes all crossed! I'll be at church until 8 so hopefully I'll be able to catch the ending.

TheTruth said...

Although this is completely off topic here, I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog. I'm fairly confident Texas is running the table the rest of the year, so let's both hope for a USC loss. Bama v. Texas in the Rose Bowl!