Thursday, December 29, 2005

Annoying toys and psychology

Why do people buy the kids and/or grandkids annoying toy? Simple. Our kids annoyed us with loud,obnoxious toys usually given by relatives. I still remember the Tuneyville Choo-choo that my ex- sister in law gave my kids. That thing never shut up. Sometimes is goes back to as Erma Bombeck said"just wait till you have kids of your own". While I love my children and grandchildren, sometimes I just gotta do it! The psychology of it, since my kids pestered and bugged me about everything, is that now I can get back at them. Can't spank them anymore. Can't tell them anything cause they dont listen or think they know it all. It has been suggested that certain toys have been left "accidentally" at Grandma's house. Sometimes Mom says to the kid that the toy broke when she really took out the battery. This works right into the plan. If it annoys the mother that much..ha,ha. Serves you right for sticking your toys at me all the time when you were a kid. Let's be honest here, not all kids are little angels. Mine weren't. Oh they did all the usual stuff that little kids do. As they got older I kept telling them what would happen...they didn't listen. Painting the high school at 13 was really fun, till one got caught. One not only stole change, money and jewelry, she would take the car for joy rides. When asked she always said "I didn't do that" No? You have the longest legs and I do not listen to that radio station. And since I work out of town I know how much gas should be in the tank. Just you wait till you have kids. Yeah I admit I look for annoying toys, toys with lots of parts, and toys that are maddening to get out of the box. If that is the worst that happens to you and your kids, you will be lucky. Pay attention to them, they won't be little long. There is a method to my madness. Made you think!


S said...

Hey! I was a pretty decent kid. Only got caught once having a boy sneak out of my bedroom window. Stupid sister!

I never asked for or got annoying toys. My parents were the "less is more" kinda people. I remember one Christmas I got a new Barbie & wardrobe my mother sewed & wrapped on those styrofoam plates hamburger meat is sold on in stores. It's my in laws that are out to get me. What did I do to them???

Rosemary said...

Our daughters had there times of being really hard to deal with, but we try to be considerate and stay away from gifts for the grandchildren that we think would be nerve wracking to their parents.

But we have certainly been guilty of being gleeful when we see them dealing with some of the same behaviors with their children that we dealt with with them!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, did you ever think about buying one of them a set of drums? LOL
Thank you for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

I think that sometimes the giver thinks about what the kid will love but not about the effect on the parents.

I don't remember who bought my train crazy nephew a tunyville choo choo but drove my brother and his wife nuts for a few years.

A "friend" of my parents bought my older brothers toy police and fire cars with sirens that ran when you pushed them along. One night there was an operation performed on the cars and they didn't make sound anymore.