Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mysteries of Life

I recently got an e-mail from Annie. That in itself is not earth shattering news but the content was totally unexpected. She wrote, in part, "I don't know what we would do without you guys. We can count on you to help us when we need it and sometimes when we don't! If you have it to offer us, you have always done so for us. I am greatful to have both of you in my life." At first glance Jimmy and I had to wonder what got into her and when was the other shoe going to drop? Then again, miracles occasionally do happen. Once in a while you do learn that your hard work paid off. Jimmy and I decided to reprint the letter on nice paper, frame it and display it. Sometimes kids really do remember what you have tried to do. Thank you Annie.

Then there is Amanda. She's doing well after her surgery and can go back to work Monday. However, her father and I are scratching our heads at her thought processes.She's gotten into a lot of debt for several reasons. The house she rented had a lot of problems with AC/heat and waterline which her landlord did not correct. This caused high electric and water bills. Then she is renting a 42 inch tv. She got a ticket for expired plates on her truck and no insurance. Things piled up for various reasons and now she's up to her ears with problems. Her daddy suggested that instead of looking for another place to rent now, she should work on getting out of debt by staying here for a few months. Then, he said, she could clear up her bills and save some money to move. So why sell her truck and buy another vehicle? Her truck is paid for. She has a truck loan in her name now but her brother is making the payments. Another bill? Why?

Yet another mystery of life. One unexpected thank you letter and one unexpected bill. Go figure. Now where is that other shoe. I know it's going to drop sometime soon.


annieskyman said...

well if it makes u feel better, i'm not dropping any other shoes! I just wanted to say thank you.