Friday, July 07, 2006

Contemplating My Navel

It's Friday and I feel strangely at peace. As I walked through the backyard yesterday I wondered how hard it would be to mow the "jungle out there". The yard can't take much more water I thought as I splashed through the mush and the rain drops. Hurry up Daisy. So later in the afternoon the lawn service that does a bunch of yards around here was working next door. Since Jimmy was home, he decided to go talk to the guy. So we got the guy to mow and edge the yard for $25. Not bad considering how high the grass was.

So not having to fight with the yard left me with time to contemplate my navel. I mean contemplate some important things. Does any body, besides me, miss Charlie Gibson on GMA? I miss him already. Sigh. So, I have seen the new Ford commercial with Taylor Hicks so much that I am sick of it! Does any one really make money with Google AdSense? Is there really money to be made, without having to answer "call center" calls or pay someone to "teach" you how to make money? Is Big Brother All-Stars going to be worth watching? Has any one noticed that there are still no pictures of TomKat's baby? Is there really a baby? I don't need to wonder why "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives" didn't get emmy nominatiions. They weren't that good last year.

Gee, I don't care if it rains again this week-end. My yard is already done. And every time I look at the hole in the fence, I feel an evil grin coming on. Now, if I could just get the fireworks to stop. Money, money, money up in loud smoke! Maybe I'll just sleep in tomorrow. Sure, I will. Daisy has other plans as usual! Hopefully, the Astros will have a good series against St.Louis. Go 'Stros!


Bunny said...

I agree with you, Desperate Housewives wasn't that good last year. I bought the first season on DVD and there were quite a few dvds in the package. This year it seemed like it was all repeats with about 7 or 8 new episodes.

I'm hoping it's just a connecting season, like they had to fill us all in on the boring stuff to get to the good stuff.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

Ron Franscell said...

"Loud smoke." Now there's a perfect phrase! If navel-gazing makes one such a spry writer, I should do more of it ... but I'm sure my editor would be uncomfortable with me sitting in my office and staring at my gut.

Pixie said...

If you want a new look; let me know. I'll see what I can do for you. You can email me at

CindyMae said...

I love your post and the humor you use. Thanks for visiting me!

God Bless,

Catch said...

Good questions......none that I can Have you seen the dog next door???? I hope he made a clean getaway and finds a home with someone who will give him lots of love. have a great weekend!