Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Duster Plus

I hate dusting. It's a useless chore. Dust one day, dust is back the next. I really hate to dust, of course folding laundry, ironing, vacuuming, mopping, and cooking are high on the list too. I hate dusting so much that I wait until the last minute to do it. When I can write my grocery list on the dinning room table, it's time to dust! I really hate dusting! So I saw a commercial for the Pledge Duster Plus on tv and I begain to think about it. This may be good for all the window blinds I thought. I hate to dust the blinds, so I rarely do it. On a trip to pick up some groceries I saw a display of the Duster Plus. Only $2.97, I figured I'll give it a try. The box came with a bendable handle and a multi-surface spray to "boost performance". "Bend Handle to Spray the Duster or Directly on Surface" the box says. The box comes with 1 Handle, 1 Multi-Surface Spray and 2 Disposable Dusters. So I open up the handle, insert the spray bottle and put the duster on. Well, it took 2 trys to put the duster on. The first time I put it on backwards. Armed with my new dusting tool, off I went to the dust wars. I dusted tables, book shelves,books, knicknacks, tvs, computers, printers and window blinds. Not bad I thought. Worked real well on the blinds. So I was impressed. I picked up a lot of dust. Of course, after I looked at the box I discovered I wasn't supposed to use on hot things like light bulbs. Come on ...would I do that? So I wonder how often should I change the duster. It looked pretty dirty to me. Great, I thought, one use and I have to toss it! Will I be able to buy the dusters by themselves? Then I saw a statement on the box that really got me! "Each Duster Contains Over 1.5 Miles of Dust Grabbing & Trapping Fibers". Uh, how did they arrive at that figure? Did someone lay each individual bit of fluff end to end and measure it? Are they sure? What happens if one has 1.2 miles of fiber, or 1.8? How do they measure the quality control? How did they cram 1.5 miles of fiber onto something that is only 8 inches long? And why am I obscessing over this? Did I mention I really hate dusting? In the long run, (how many miles?)it did a good job and I was satisfied. The box did caution against spraying on the floor as it would make it slippery. Why would I do that? I'm certainly not about to get on my hands and knees to dust the floor! The "extra long" handle isn't that long! At roughly 10 inches, I wouldn't call it "extra" long. But, I did get the job done in record time, but I still hate dusting.


Anonymous said...

I hate to dust. o, wait, you said that. Months ago I bought something with a blue handle and little frilly things that slide on and it worked great. Quickly the frilly thing turned brown. Never mind how quickly. So I threw it in the washer. Turned out great. I just spray a little Endust on and I have a whole new duster. For a while. Then it turns brown. Then i know it's time to stop dusting for a while until it's clean again. A cleaning fool I am not.