Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Must Have an Evil Twin

I said a little prayer again for the dog next door. I really thought he had bought the farm over the weekend. I worried about that dog all weekend. But, yesterday afternoon I couldn't help but notice that he was back. While I was outside feeding Astro, I saw motion through the fence. Let's face it,that fence is so worn out, it's not hard to miss anything in that yard. Here we go again I thought as I saw him being put back on his chain. Great, I thought, wonder how long it will take him to jump the fence this time. I didn't have long to wait. It had been raining off and on most of the day. The sky was dark and threatening. No more than ten minutes later the thunder roared and the dog freaked, yet again. Soon the plywood my neighbor had used to block the fence hole was torn down again and the dog was sticking his head through the fence. A few minutes later I looked out my kitchen window to discover that he had jumped over the fence again and was stuck in my yard. He was desperately trying to figure out how to jump back or at least run for cover. That was it. I went outside to the rescue. As I approached, he looked so happy to see me, seemingly pleading for help. So, with an evil grin on my face, I freed him. As I threw his chain and collar back over the fence, he seemed to say thanks and ran across my backyard to freedom.

Some people will never learn. They have had to pay hefty fines because of the way they have treated the poor dog. And yet, they continue treat their dog like a posession instead of a pet. So, I know it is not my business, but I will continue to be the evil one. I just can't stand to see that dog in such peril when he is so scared. Part of me hopes that he will, at some point, tear down the fence. It wouldn't take much for it to collapse.

So, my evil twin and I will continue to watch out for the dog. Have no fear dog, we've got your back. Yes, I am sitting here with an evil grin!


B.R.L said...

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Our dog now passed away. also hated the thunder and fireworks. He would just shake. During a thunder storm he would come and lay by me and I would pet him. We at that time would go to Dr John's sisters to set off fireworks the dog we left at his mothers. There was a dog next door to Dr John's sisters that would pick up the firecrackers in his mouth, all kinds off people and all kinds of dogs.

seeing your neighbor naked was not a good sight. I have just read your last two blogs so don't know if you have contacted your neighbor about the dog but it sounds like he is keeping him in a dangerous situaltion.

Catch said...

yeaaaa! I am so glad you let the dog loose!!!! I would have done the same! The poor thing...we have a yorkie that yaps at everything.....but we love her! So we over look I had a yorkie for 14 years, his name was Toby, then my Mom moved in with me last Jan due to her health and she brought her yorkie with her, and that would be Dolly.

Isabella said...

Yay! You are my hero for setting the poor dog loose! Years ago my human had a neighbor who left their dog chained out- poor thing wasn't spayed, so two years in a row she had litters sired by who knows who. At 6 weeks of age, the puppies were dumped at the shelter. My human couldn't stand it anymore so she found a home for the dog, waited till late one night, snuck over to the neighbors' and stole the dog. She then took it to its' new home were it happily lived as a spayed and pampered inside dog.
Big Wags,

Ron Franscell said...

Every dog has his day, they say.

Of course, they also say, "The sun don't shine on the same dog's ass every day."

Actually they say a lot of things about dogs, but what do you imagine dogs say about people?

Pixie said...

That poor dog. I wish I lived closer & I'd just take the dog. He doesn't deserve the way they treat him! YOU GO GIRL!

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

If only all dogs had an angel next door to look out for them. We are so lucky to have a mom that loves us and takes care of us. We don't get left out in the weather (for too long) and NEVER on a chain!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy