Monday, July 03, 2006

My Brain's Nose and Mind's Eye are Playing Games!

It has to be a holiday weekend since the Sci-Fi channel is showing a Twilight Zone marathon. I love that show. But sometimes I wonder if I dont live in my own Twilight Zone. Lately my brain's nose and my mind's eye have been showing my things some odd and some I haven't thought of in years.

Over the last several months I have become aware of wiffs of fragrances in the house similar to a perfume. I am the only one in the house when this happens. The odor is brief and just enough to get my attention. Since I'm the only one around when this happens, I know what fragrance I'm wearing and Amanda isn't home so what ever she has used has long since disappeared. It is always in the den, no where else in the house. This tends to grab my attention. This isn't a really old house and it's not built on ancient burial grounds. I just find the whole thing a little odd. Maybe my brain's nose is playing tricks on me.

Then there are pictures that my mind's eye is showing me. I equate this to thoughts I've had about life in general. Everyone remembers the "good old days". But sometimes the pictures are so real ,as if I were watching a movie. Some are of things that a shrink would probably say were of traumatic memories. I've always remembered when I was three and having eye surgery in New York City. Obviously it was upsetting to a child that young. But I see it clearly. I also have flashes of our home in Tuscaloosa, Brewton and North Augusta. I can even see the detail of furniture and the outside surroundings. My mind's eye recently took me back to the beaches at Panama City and Destin Florida. I see my father's feet sunburned or my mother and I sitting on the beach. Some are obviously traumatic, like sitting in a chair in the hospital room at M.D.Anderson the moment my mother died. Others are just warm and fuzzy memories. I never know when or what will trigger these, but sometimes I feel that I am reliving my life in warp-speed. Maybe I should give Stephen King a call. He's the "Dreamscapes" captain. Or how about Shirley MacLain, she's lived several lives. Right? Or maybe someone is trying to tell me something?


Isabella said...

Hmmmm.... doesn't Daisy have her own blog? I think she should have one- I bet she has all kinds of important stuff to say. Tell her I hope the fireworks don't drive her nuts- they are sure getting on my nerves.
Big Wags,

Pixie said...

Hmmmmm those are kinda ookie things. Wonder if someone, somewhere is trying to tell you something? Hey perhaps it's STOP WATCHING THE TWILIGHT ZONE??? LOL! Have a happy & safe 4th of July

Anonymous said...

One whiff of an odor can bring back a world of memories that we thought were somewhat buried. Interesting how that happens. Marcel Proust smelled the madeleines as an adult and it brought back all the "Remberances of things past." The sense of smell is probably the one sense we have the least control over as far as what it does to our subconscious.

Chris Beason said...

I agree with Jan. Is there something in your den, like a book that may have belonged to someone who wore that perfume? I've done the same thing and realized it was a book that had the still does especially when I open it. Dr. John sent me.

Catch said...


Dr JOhn sent me. I can remember some things of my childhood in vivid detail. I remember the feeling I always got when I went to my Grandmas was a warm, cozy and comforting feeling. I love those feelings and I hope someday my grandchildren get the same feeling about coming to my house.