Monday, July 31, 2006

I Told You I Didn't Want to be Buried.

My family and I have had several discussions about burial. They know I would prefer to be cremated, rather than buried in a cemetery. Looking at all the plots and headstones makes me think of an apartment complex for the dead. Suppose I wake up years later. Not only have the styles have changed but so have I. All the work that the funeral home people did on me so I would look good in that casket,ha. Bad enough that people go to a funeral and say things like, "she looks so life-like". Now after all these years everything is not the same. Who is the idiot who put my head on this stupid pillow! Since when did I wear my hair this way? What's up with these clothes? Which one of you children picked this ugly dress out? Please don't tell me that you paid money for it. After all I'm not a "dressy" kind of person. They actually put shoes on me? If you expected me to lie here all these years, why have on shoes? I hate to tell you but the embalming wasn't that good. I'm begining to crack. This outfit you put me in now has holes in it. I really didn't care for your choice of lipstick, it case you care. You could have at least put something for me to do in this overpriced box. Do you know how boring it is in here. No tv, no books.Do you have any idea how many books I could have read? Come on! I guess by now "General Hospital" is "Geriatric Hospital" How many husbands has Erika had now? By now the "4400" is down to "2347" Man where does time go? Just think if you had cremated me like I wanted I could have become part of an ocean reef or fertilizer for a tree or a pretty rose plant. But no, you had to stick me in this box. Now let's see, which one of you will I haunt this week. Gotta stay busy. Remember, I told you I would haunt you, who's next?


Lori's Minute said...

I would rather be cremated, too. Seems to make more sense than being put in a box in the ground.

Anonymous said...

Very original writing!

I enjoyed it a lot.