Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why is a Salt Shaker in My Yard?

After yesterday morning's rain I kept hearing an indessant "beep" around the window on the front side of the house. I discovered it was a baby mockingbird. The mother was near so I left it alone. On my trek back through the front yard I said hello to my neighbor(the one with the kids, not the neglected dog).As I passed by the shrubs by the side of the house, I found a salt shaker on the ground. What is this? Thinking maybe her kids had gotten wild, I asked if it belonged to her. As she told me no, she pointed to the culprit. Ah, yes. Our good ole buddy, the big brown dog. Apparently since the neighors on the other side are no longer keeping him on a chain, he roams the neighborhood at will. He was standing on the sidewalk, with that "who me?" look. So, my neighbor and I discussed the situation. He has been wandering around tearing up fences, trash and who knows what. Maybe that's how that one shoe ended up in my backyard? She told me of her frustration and that she had call the pound 5 times to no avail. She and her other side neighbor want to breed their dogs but the wanderings of our neighbor's dog has made that difficult at best. I, personally try to stay out of neighborhood "politics" but I can understand her frustration. Funny how our neighbor with the wandering dog is the "Block Captain" for the HOA and apparently reports on everyone for the most miniscule violation and yet wont do anything about her own. This could get interesting. On the other hand maybe the dog will bring us a treasure. Yeah, right. Wonder what he did with the pepper shaker?


cube said...

This reminds me of the cat that steals gardening gloves. A dog that steals salt shakers is even funnier.

Anonymous said...

We used to have a Beagle puppy who would slip out of the house whenever a kid would go in or out. He brought us great treasures: women's under pants, a spatula, several plastic cleaning bags and like that. We took him to obedience school which was a shame because there might have been some great treasures around the neighborhood.