Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What Happened?

Phil Garner must wonder what happened. Of course the Astros have always been a second half team...but. Time's awasting. I'm sure that people thought the addition of another bat in the name of Aubrey Huff would help. Well, maybe or maybe not. From day to day no-one knows what will happen. One day the bats are blazing, one day they are not. One day we have good pitching, one day we dont. The bullpen continues to befuddle everyone. Should we get rid of Lidge? Putting Wandy in the pen is a question mark at best. Even the starters have had, so far, lackluster seasons. Andy is finally looking better, but Roger, to me, seems unfocused and uncomfortable. Even Oswalt cant seem to find the right combination. Seems odd that the rookie pitchers seem to be doing somewhat better than the "stars" but from start to start who knows how they will pitch. No matter what, it doesn't help the pitching staff when the bats don't bring in the runs. Too many runners are left on base. It doesn't do any good to score 12 runs in one game if run support is lacking in the next three games. Last year the team started gaining some consistency in the second half. What happened? At this point, the Astros still seem to be trying to figure out what to do. With the third highest payroll in baseball, Drayton must be wondering what else can he do? Spend more money, fire the GM or the Manager, or give up hopes for this year and bring up kids from AAA. Things could still turn around, giving the team at least a fighting chance. But the season could also end with everyone wondering what happened. I hope it's not too late. Wake up 'Stros!