Monday, August 07, 2006

And You're Going to Drive That Car?

My elder daughter, Traci, is having a grand time in Detroit with some of her friends. A get away from small children is always nice for a mom. Sometimes you have to be around people whose food you don't need to cut. She asked her sister, Annie to stay with the kids. No problem. Annie brought her two boys to visit with their cousins. Four kids, three boys and a girl. The oldest starts school this year.

So that was the plan. Traci gets time away from the kids, Annie goes crazy. Annie's two boys are four and not yet two. Traci's boy is five and her daughter is four. Four kids that young. Where's the vodka!

So there is one glaring problem in this little story. Traci took off leaving her car for Annie to drive. Uh, what about the inspection sticker, what about the registration sticker? Seems that both these necessary stickers are out of date. Annie, has avoided going out for two reasons. Reason #1-four small children in a PT Cruiser. Reason #2-stickers are not current on the car. Four small children together is a nightmare under the best of circumstances. Then driving a car without proper stickers is like driving with a neon sign saying "ticket me". I can't believe Traci left Annie that car to drive. Why did she not get these things taken care of before she left? Who knows.

Tonight, Annie has to drive from Waco to Dallas to pick Traci up at the airport. Of course she will have to take the kids. I can not imagine what will happen along the way. Even if the children behave well, she will still probably get stopped by the police. Even if she avoids the cops on the highway, what will happen when she gets to the airport?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If I were Annie, I think I would be tempted to really put some hurt to Traci, especially if Annie gets stopped. I just can't believe that Traci would be so careless. When you are taking care of small children you cannot take chances. I just can't believe that Annie is going to have to drive that car to the airport. Is there a chance that Traci will learn anything? Uh...


Pixie said...

Fingers crossed that Anne made her trip without problems. One never knows what cops will stop ya for these days. I'd be a little hesistant myself. That was sure nice of Anne to do that for Traci though; I hope she showers her with lots of thanks & appreciation.

maria said...

I think that Traci should do
the same for Anne: meaning a few
days of watching the children.

My sister has small 4 grandchildren
all 1 year apart.Quite a handful
when she is watching them all.