Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bedroom Roadkill?

Sometimes I think I still have small children. Daisy leaves her toys all over the house. Lady could care less. So I find myself going from room to room picking up the dogs toys.

As I made the bed the other day, something struck me funny. Yeah, it was one of those "slow" days. As I walked from one side of the bed to the other, I found one of the dogs toys lying on the floor. Now this is admittedly an old toy which no longer has any stuffing in it. Lady had pulled most of the stuffing and squeaker out and Daisy had pulled out whatever stuffing was left. So, as I looked down I noticed that the way the toy was positioned, it looked like an animal that had been run over. The head was flat and the back end was at an odd angle. Daisy had been playing with it. I almost felt sorry for it until I remembered how old this toy is. Maybe I should just go get some new toys. But I really don't look forward to finding stuffing all over the house. I still have one toy in reserve that as yet not been pulled apart. But, let's face it I can only stand the squeaking for so long before I have to hide it. Daisy loves to bring it to me and sit in my lap squeaking and squeaking and squeaking it. At that point, "roadkill" looks pretty good. At least a little quieter.


B.R.L said...

Roadkill is quiet but not as much fun as something with a squeak left. A game of hide and seak for the squeak is also fun.

cube said...

One of my girls got a laughing Big Bird toy which she quickly outgrew, so we gave it to our dog. Dax, our shepherd, would go crazy when she'd bite the belly & Big Bird would laugh. The more she shook & bit it, the more it would laugh. It tormented my dog to no end. That thing now looks like roadkill, but don't you know, it still laughs when you squeeze it.
That was one tough toy.

Anonymous said...

I have been known to quietly in the night remove those squeakers from toys when no one was aware.