Thursday, August 10, 2006

Roy Oswalt, Home Run King?

The Houston Astros ripped the Pittsburgh Pirates 14 to 1. Roger Clemens must be thinking "where are those runs when I pitch?" It was one of those rare Astros games when everything went right. Pitching, fielding, batting all clicked.

Roy O was in the middle of a stunning game. Some fans had to be thinking no-hitter. He was pitching that well. But, alas it was not to be. But,he was happy to win with a LOT of run support. But the best part of the game for Oswalt and the fans had to be when he hit a home run. Oswalt hit his first career home run! The fans were on their feet with an ovation. As Roy went down the steps into the dugout, not one player said a word to him. The old silent treatment. Then players all grinned and congratulated him. Baseball traditon at it's best. As Roy said later "They straight faced me. It was pretty good. I knew what was going on. It was pretty nice." Then he had to up to the dugout steps to tip his hat to the hometowm fans who were all standing in applause.

Guess that's one way to make a statement! After all Oswalt wasn't very happy about the trade rumors around trade deadline. Who could seriously think the Astros would trade the Ace? After all Drayton just last year bought him his own backhoe so he could move dirt around on his farm.

Well, now Andy,Roger and Brandon will have to try to beat Roy. After all Roy is a power hitter now.


Trinity13 said...

Man, I'm sure that made his night! Good for him.