Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Lottery for Schools

The Texas Lotto helps schools in Texas by giving money to the school fund. The Texas Lotto, in a recent tv promo, proudly states that in the last 8 years it has provided eight billion dollars to schools. So how come school systems are still having a hard time finding funding? Why are they continuing to cut programs? Music, art, and phys, ed. are just a few of the cuts. But, school taxes continue to be a problem. Where is that eight billion going? Maybe there are just too many programs to fund. I wonder. I remember the discussions when Texas was trying to decide if we should have a lottery. To borrow a statement from a movie "show me the money", or at least where it went.


B.R.L said...

This is true in Michigan. Where has the money gone. Maybe to some special school. By special I mean those with pull.