Friday, August 11, 2006

Flying Nude?

Once again chaos reigns over the flying public. Kudos to the MI5 and Scotland Yard. At least they find some of their attackers. What does our governent do? Let's see...
Somehow I am begining to feel like a hostage. The terrorists don't really have to DO anything. Just the suggestion of embending doom is enough to put the flying public(and the rest of us)further into what could be considered a police state. You can't go anywhere without someone watching you. Those of us who obey the laws keep getting squeezed further and further. And yet most people say the increased security makes them feel better. Really? How come we can't keep illegal aliens from crossing our borders, even with the border agents and the National Guard?

So, since it so easy for some people to get into this country why do we not make screening easier? Let's not worry about the people streaming over our border from Mexico. They don't get searched (unless they get caught). Now that the British are not allowing any carry on bags, we can beat that. Not only can we all fly without carry on bags, we can fly nude. It would make screening a lot easier. No belt buckles or bra straps to set off metal detectors. We'd have nothing to carry that could not be seen in the clear plastic bags. We would not have to take off our shoes, or be patted down or wanded by the TSA. We wouldn't have to take keys, cell phones, and change out of our pockets since we wouldn't have any. The bomb sniffing dogs would have an easier time sniffing out suspicious smells. After all there are some creative people who are flying in pajamas. Maybe we could do away with the x-ray machine they use to check out baggage. Or maybe we could just climb on it and get a full body scan. Cheaper than going to the doctor for one. Don't want to fly nude? How about go to the airport nude and be met at the door with a hospital gown? Can't hide anything in it. But at least we'd be secure and maybe the planes would not have so many delays. Of course then the airlines would have to carry extra blankets and charge the passengers a fortune for them. Airline security, gotta love it.