Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Texans Restart

Here we go again. Pre-season football in Houston starts this week-end. Questions, questions, questions. What can we expect? Will the Kubiak, Sherman era begin with a bang or a ho-hum? Kubiak is a no-nonsense guy. He works the players hard. Some words were said that a number of players were grumbling during training camp. Good! Kubiak has taken the approach that anyone and everyone can and must do a better job. So far he has not minced words with the players. Good or bad play is discussed in front of everybody, media included.

The offensive line is supposed to be better. We shall see. David Carr has been given another chance. Since the Texans will now be using a tight end, maybe Carr will be able to complete a pass. That is assuming that the line allows him to remain upright for more that thirty seconds.

Will the #1 draft pick be able to toe the line(pun intended)? Hopefully Mario Williams will be able to produce. He has had so many problems with a toe problem during training camp. Injury problems to some key players have depleted the depth of the team. I guess we will see...

The new era of the Kubiak team will begin. Is Houston ready? The days of "Love ya, Blue" are over. Former coach Bum Phillips did visit the team and thought they have potential. How much? Well, I guess you could say a 3-13 season would be a moral victory of sorts. Hopefully, the Texans restart will be an exciting move to the future. I'll watch the game with crossed fingers. Pay attention David, this could be your last chance! You've been given new coaches and a total new system. Time to get off your backside and be the leader!


Pixie said...

I am really excited for the Texans & Kubiak. I have really high hopes for this years season. Besides you know I'll take them over "the Boys" any day of the year. :-)

B.R.L said...

I am a Packer fan through all kind of season. We are hoping for a better year.