Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Irony In Designer Duds

In an ironic twist former Texas Southern University president Dr. Priscilla Slade will be teaching accounting at the school. Even though she was fired as president of the school for misusing nearly $2 million in university funds for personal use. She is currently out of jail on bond of $100,000. As president she had a salary of $260,000, plus a $14,400 car allowance and $48,000 a year for housing expenses. But she is managed to use university money for things like limousines, spa treatments, home furnishings, charity and political contibutions. All of this was over and above the expenses allowed by TSU.

What is so funny is that after misusing all of this money, she will be teaching accounting! Since she is a tenured professor she has a lifetime appointment. Wonder if TSU will re-think its tenure policy? Why is tenure considered a "property right"?

Well, I guess the students of accounting will get interesting lessons this year. The students have mixed reactions about this.

Maybe the Devil really does wear Prada.


cube said...

That's disgraceful. The university tenure system has needed an overhaul for a very long time. Look at that horrible professor and plagiarist from Colorado, Ward "Sitting Bullsh**" Churchill. He was finally fired, but is appealing the decision. The wimps at UC will probably take the big fake back.

Anonymous said...

University teaching and administration is as close to criminal activities as professions can get. Many teach for 3 hours a week and draw huge salaries, stipends, and consultant fees. Most don't get publicity because they would scream about academic freedom. A few like Churchill are so arrogant that they get caught, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Laurie said...

That is crazy!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Priscilla D. Slade will survive
regardless of whatever outcome. She
could even take her "gifts" at: and run with them.
Who knows anyway?

Anonymous said...

Greeting to All:

" seems that Dr. Slade trial
has ended in a mistrial. Still, wishes her good