Friday, February 09, 2007

Attempted Robbery

All was quiet as I and the dogs were the only ones here. The tv was on as I listened while roaming the web. It was early and I didn't have the light on over the computer. As I looked at the screen, my stomach let me know the undeniable fact. Hungry, hungry. Ok, while another page loaded I made some toast. Not exactly the way I like it, but it would have to do. I like my toast crispy but since the smoke alarm is so close, I can't eat it that dark because the smoke alarm would go off. Ah yes, finally it's ready. After smearing butter on the two pieces I sat back down to continue surfing. I set the toast on the desk and proceeded to eat while surfing. Don't we all? Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw motion. I was about to be robbed. Without thinking I reacted. That's MY toast, you thief. I caught the robbery in progress! Daisy had snuck up to the desk and stood up to grab the toast. My reaction was faster though. I slammed my hand onto the moving piece of toast. Caught it just as it teetered near the edge. Now, should Daisy go to jail or get probation?


maria said...

You had me going for a while.
I thought you were really getting
robbed and my heart did a double


YOu're lucky you can spread butter
on your toasts.I'm trying to avoid
it in order to lose weight,but I
do put on peanut butter (lightly
Always great to read your posts.


Anonymous said...

It seems to be a rule in our house that any food within reach of a dog is fair game. Or as my dogs often say, "If you don't feed us, what good are you?" :>)

Anonymous said...

It scares me a little that jan's dogs talk to her.
Give Daisy probation!

Anonymous said...

Ya scared me. But I think an eensy bit of probation will do.