Friday, February 16, 2007

Politics Not as Usual

Maybe it's just me but I have noticed something a little different in politics. When I was growing up no one ever thought of a woman running for President. The stock line of why not had something to do with "hormones". No woman was strong enough or smart enough to do that job. They were supposed to be housewives, not President of the United States. Very few were doctors or lawyers. How times have changed. Women are doing all sorts of things from being jet pilots to engineers and even politicians. Hormones don't seem to affect their jobs at all. Let's just say that the "women's movement" phrase "women belong in the house..and in the senate" is going strong. I guess the political "glass ceiling" has cracked. Now will we elect the nation's first woman as President? Only time and mis-statements will tell.

There is also another thing that would have been inconceivable years ago. Another step up the ladder with Barack Obama running for President. What this outcome will be is another question. He hasn't been in the US Senate for that long. That seems to be one of the issues about him. Not enough experience seems to be a question about him. He doesn't have any real foreign policy experience. But he is an eloquent speaker who seems to inspire many people. I remember when people were inspired by John Kennedy. But many black people are not endorsing him. In fact many are lending their support to Hillary Clinton. Politics aside this is a question.

Time was when blacks all get behind a person like him. They would be proud of a person like him getting so far in so little time. But not now. Is he not black enough? Obviously he is a still short on experience. He is very passionate about his ideas of how to improve our country. But could he be elected? That is a big question since lately so many people are not endorsing him.

Funny how things have changed in this country. Franklin Roosevelt served four terms as President. That was quickly changed. Now two terms is the maximum. Truman dropped the Bomb. No-one would consider that today. Kennedy was a Roman Catholic. Some people felt he should not be President for that reason. They felt his religous beliefs would interfere with his ability to govern the country. Now we have moved on to a wide open race for the White House. Seems like everybody from both parties is running. It is almost easier to count who is not running rather than name who is. So why is there so much focus on who would be better-a black man or a white woman. Or a man versus a woman. Obviously this is a Democratic Party issue. Maybe they will choose neither. The Republican Party has a long list of candidates also. Who will they choose? After all the Democrats have already beaten them, in a manner of speaking. They do have the first black and the first woman running for President. Anything different on the Republican side? We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Middle aged white guys have had their chance and I thinkit's time to consider new people. What puzzles me is that the race for President for the next election is starting so early. Didn't it used to be closer to the election?

Bazza said...

Let's just hope whoever is voted in is voted in for who they are not what they are.