Thursday, February 01, 2007

Captive Audience

As I write this it is 8:39 am. The significance of this is the ticking clock. The wonderful ATT repair people will be here today between 8am and 7pm. Gotta love those repair people. I still can't call out or in , nor do I hav a dial tone. But I have internet. hum... I had to use a cell phone to call in for service. I hate those automated systems. Are you calling about your internet, press 1, are your calling about your phone, press 2. Please enter your phone number. Thank you, please wait while we check blah, blah. Then the system asks to describe the problem. Is the problem, 1 no dial tone? 2 Can't call out? 3 Can't call in? Well gee, if I get no dial tone I can't do 2 or 3. Then the system asks for a number where I can be reached. Uh, what if this is the only phone? What did we do before cell phones? I guess we went to the local pay phone or called from work.

So here I sit, a captive audience. At least I have laundry to do today. Daisy is not too happy because we usually go for a walk about now. Of course it is raining, again. That always makes both Daisy and Lady less than enthusiastic about going outside.

The clock is ticking. I'm waiting.

Finally the phone company guy showed up a little after 11am. That is early is some circles. Well, the phone is up and running again. Yipee! Just only problem, it was nothing outside which would have not cost me any thing. The problem was inside, but of course that is going to cost me about $100. I'll worry about that next month... Seems that whoever was here before had two lines wired in and left the wire connected which was causing the problem. Now I get the chore of trying to find a job to pay for all the stuff that has gone wrong! At least the phone works.


Anonymous said...

I don't always have the patience it takes to get through those automated messages, so what I do is I just punch one of the first numbers listed and when someone comes on the phone I say something like this...."I don't know if you can help me but this is my problem, could you direct me to the department I need to talk to about this. In a minute I am where I need to be....usually and I didn't have to listen to the whole bit long message of blah, blah, blahs.

Here's hoping help will be on the way sooner rather than later.