Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WalMart vs the Bra

This is a female issue for sure. While we were buying groceries last week I decided to look for a new bra. I had put off the purchase for so long that I really had to do something. Excuse me,but what have they done with the normal underware? How come WalMart now has a large selection of screaming neon colors? They look like something a pre-teen would want. Others have so much padding they would bounce if dropped on the floor. And of course the store had a large selection for large women. Somewhere between 32B and 48D the rest of us have been lost. All the sizes were either too small or too big. And of course style is somewhere in another country, not at WalMart. Maybe everyone is going to Victoria's Secret instead of WalMart. I wonder what happened. There used to be a nice selection of underware that had nice colors and prints. Some even had matching panties. Not now! Somehow the shelf space is now taken up by, in my opinion and my husband's, ugly underware! But have no fear, they now have shelf space devoted to "petals" that are worn in the bra so that nipples will not show. And of course, they are boxed in glaring pink boxes.

And don't forget that Valentine's Day is coming. WalMart will be featuring the sexy little red with white boa trim things designed to lure the male animal. Of course they are in the extra, extra large sizes. Some how the mental picture of a sexy, slinky little thing on someone that size just doesn't enspire romance. I used to wear a bikini thirty years ago. Now I run from them. Some how I feel a little like Goldilocks...everything is either too small or too big. Guess I'll just run over to Target. I'll need donations to be able to afford anything else. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Lots of good points in this post. I think Walmart is trying to keep up with all the middle-aged mammas trying to look like teenagers or something! grrr

cube said...

Target won't be much better. Just more expensive.