Friday, January 12, 2007

Squad 51, Engine 51, Man Down!

We live right behind a brand new volunteer fire staion. So far nothing much has happened. I have seen a couple of fire trucks being washed over there. As yet they are not fully staffed and as such usually there is no one there. The call system does work though. So sometimes, usually at night when I am walking the dog around the back of the house, I'll hear the radio alarm go off with the call and the voice telling the firefighters what has happened and where to go.

One evening it chirped to life and I listened to the call and was reminded of a tv show that I used to watch every week. Emergency! ran on NBC from 1972-1977. It was a medical drama about the Los Angeles County Fire Department's paramedics and the interaction with the hospital emergency staff. It was based on the LA paramedic program started in 1969. The first shows frequently showed how the doctors did not really want to let the rescue workers take charge for some difficult medical procedures, such as administering lifesaving drugs or procedures. The show progressed just like the paramedic program did. We all now know how far things have come with the life saving abilities of the paramedics.

Almost makes me want to see if I can find DVD's of the show. Station 24,go save someone!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jill! Long time no visit I know. Forgive the emotional hole I've been in.

Go check out & see if they have it. We've found all sorts of old shows on dvd. It's been pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

I loved that show!! Yes, paramedics have come a long way. I think a reality show about paramedics would be fascinating,like "cops" only with all good guys and victims.

Besides that paramedics all seem to be REALLY cute.