Thursday, January 11, 2007

Should We Be Worried?

Our wonderful Defense Department is now cautioning it's U.S. contractors about a new spy threat. Canadian coins with radio frequency transmitters inside. Are the Canadians spying? The coins were apparently planted on contractors with classified security clearances between Oct 2005 and Jan 2006. Supposedly these coins could track the movements of these contractors. On the other hand they could be spent and left at a coffee shop. Wonder what all this means? Of course the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency denied any knowledge of this. Do we have some new James Bonds out there using new gadgets? Who would want to follow the Defense Department contractors? On the other hand, look at how much money they charge our government. Of course our own government has used hollowed out silver dollar coins to hide messages and film.

So what else or who else is spying? Let's see we are spying on our own people, the Canadians are spying on us, then there are the British, the chinese, and so on... I'm so glad we live in such a "wonderful" world. Let's see, maybe the Mexican governemt will give the illegals some coins to use here when they cross the border. After all maybe they will find some deep dark government secrets in those taco stands.


Anonymous said...

Jill, the cilantro in those tacos is programmed to transmit bio data.

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SandyCarlson said...

I agree with the comment you left on Standing under the Sky. I work at a university where some kids set up rows of combat boots to help us visualize the enormity. How many people just walked on by! It was hard to take. It's good to know people care!