Monday, January 08, 2007

Family Feud?

As we watched the NFL playoffs this weekend I had a thought. What if the Manning brothers ended up in the Superbowl against each other? And which son would Mom and Dad root for? Actually which one would Mom worry more about? Of course Archie would be looking at the technical side of them. Watch out for this or that defense, no don't use that play. Didnt you see that blitz coming? After all Dad has been a pro, he knows what to watch and what to do. Of course he doesn't want anything to happen to either son, but Mom has a different look. Mom is worried that they will get hurt. She also might have a problem on which team to support. Peyton has been around longer so he has more experience. The Colts have been the better team over time. Eli and his Giants have not been quite as good.

After the Colts won first, all eyes were on Sunday's game between the Giants and the Eagles. Could Eli lead the Giants past the Eagles? For a while it looked like they had a chance. Improbable as it would seem, it could happen. Manning vs Manning. Colts vs Giants. Then reality took over. In the closing seconds of the game the Eagles kicked a field goal. No head to head combat. Mom can now relax. She can concentrate on watching Payton. No family feud, at least for now...


Gingers Mom said...

I'm not a football fan. My husband is obsessed. That would be the weirdest scenario. I can't imagine it would be good for family relationships.

But as a good wife I have to say...GO CHARGERS!!

Anonymous said...

I am a football fan and like you had wondered about a Manning vs. Manning Super Bowl. But after all these years, and thousands of games, I'll bet Mom Manning would be second guessing the coaches all through the game.

The Super Bowl hype would probably show every home movie and embarrassing moments the Mannings ever had.