Friday, January 05, 2007

Good Things Do Happen

The world just got a little better. In a time when we are consumed with bad things, once in a while something good happens.Wesley Autrey saved a life. Would I have done it, would you? Without regard for his own safety Mr. Autrey did a good thing.

This story has been all over the news. The "Subway Superman" has been intrviewed by just about all the news services. Talk show host David Letterman interviewed him. Others will follow. It's nice to have a good story.

Mayor Bloomberg honored him with the city's highest civilian honor, the Bronze Medallion. Donald Trump gave him $10,000. He was also given a trip to Disney World and a $2500 scholarship was started for his two children. He also got a years free pass on the subway. To me he should have gotten a lifetime pass.

How do you make a decision like that, and so quickly? What if his attempt had not worked? His children were with him. It could have gone horribly wrong. But, as Mr. Autrey said "Good things happen when you do good". We all can learn from not only the bravery of this man, but his character, too. Well done, Wesley Autrey. Thank you.


cube said...

Like I always say, good deeds go around & come around.

It's a joy to see someone light up when you help them out unexpectedly, even if it's just making eye contact & smiling at them.

Dr.John said...

I have spent my life trying to do good things but that doesn't mean I would be brave. We each have to face each situation with what we have,