Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Of course I would try to post just as Blogger takes the system down. Perfect timing as usual.

Who would have figured that Florida would eat Ohio State for lunch. I thought the Gators had a good chance but I really didn't think it would be such a lop-sided win. So now they are the National Champions. But they have one loss. What about Boise State? They could argue for a piece of the pie.

So 50 Cent is getting into the "safe sex" business with a line of condoms. Where will they be marketed? Vending machines or stores? Hum.

Have you been plutoed yet? I never heard of this until recently. What a "nice" way to say you are demoted or devalued. What ever.

What is the deal with so many wanting to see pictures of Nixon and Elvis together? They were both paranoid. The picture of the two of them together is the most frequently requested picture from the National Archives. Go figure.

By the way do not put children in a washing machine. Oh, why not? Don't even think of drying a cell phone in a microwave. Somebody actually has to tell you that? And please do not read the phone book while driving. I can barely see the numbers while the book is on the non-moving table.Odd but these are all real warnings.

We live in strange times.

hen my land lady drops by to tell me she has not gotten our rent. What! I mailed the money order Dec. 30th. She said she hadn't gotten it. I called the money order company and it has not been cashed. As scatterbrained as that woman is I can only hope that it is on her desk somewhere.

Well I must get this posted before Blogger goes nuts again or Jimmy wants to play poker. Wonder which will happen first.


Lady Jane said...

I hate it when they take Blogger down and then it is down for far longer than they said it would be. I was having such difficulties with it yesterday.