Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rain, Internet, Phone and Robins

This should be interesting. Today, or should I say sometime between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm we should be getting the fastest ATT internet speed. When we moved over here they put us on the Express which is slower than the Pro we had at our other house. So, I will really be interested in seeing how this works.

Thankfully, today the sun is shining. After constant rain for the last few days, this is nice. But, I am concerned because during the rain my phone went out. This is not the first time this has happened during a lot of rain. Right now I still don't have a dial tone. So how do I have internet? I suspect that the problem lies with the SBC pedestal which sits at the back of the area between two buildings. Everytime it rains a lot that pedestal ends up under water. It does sit in a very low spot in the yard area. So, I guess when I can call out, I will have to call them. Wonder what, if anything they can do. I have to have a phone because I hope to be working from home soon.

Since the sun is shining and maybe helping to dry things out, is spring coming? I can't talk on the phone but I can slog through the water, and ice we had the other week, and see robins all over the place. What's up with that? Maybe they couldn't use their ATT phones to find out if it was time to come down here.

I just hope I get my phone working soon. Will I really notice any difference in the internet? Only time will tell. We are supposed to get more rain this weekend. What will happen to the phone?