Friday, January 19, 2007

Oh, Here's My Opinion, Take It or Leave It

Notice how many people, news and talk shows are complaining about "American Idol"? My question is who is telling these talentless people to do this? Are these people really deluded into thinking they have talent? I know that parents try to encourage their children and be positive for them, but... At some point kid grow up and realize that maybe they don't have "showbiz" talent.

The show producers base part of the "charm" of the show on the people who can't sing. They deliberately sign up these people because they don't have the chops to be the next Idol. This is nothing new. The viewers have watched this for quite some time now. Why are they suddenly complaining? Every body knows that Simon is "mean" and the Paula is, well, ditzy. Surely, the contestants must know that if the show follows it's formula, the first performers are terrible. They should, but do they? And why are the "judges" so heartless? Ratings, baby, ratings! Every one who watches the show from begining to end is drawn in to see the bad ones.

Are they too mean to these idol wanna be's? Yes. I think they may be getting meaner. Of course I don't watch the early shows. I hate to see people being humiliated. Occasionally, I'll watch the later episodes when the kids actually have talent. But, the whole premise of the show is to do exactly what they are doing. Unlike say, "Nashville Star" where the singer hopefuls actually have some ability, Idol actively seeks out bad singers. We all know it.

I'm not a country music fan, but I have seen a little of the first two shows this year. Here the singers do have some talent and the judges seem to offer constructive criticism. Sometimes, it is blunt like telling them the song was not good for them or make more eye contact. For the people trying to do well on this show, they at least get some good pointers right from the start. But, then the show doesn't pick the obviously untalented to be on it. Just imagine some who can't carry a tune in a bucket trying to sing a country song.

I just choose not not watch either one. That's my choice.


Anonymous said...

You tell em', sister. I have never seen it. My kids are crazy about it. My friend was saying the same thing though, that it's comedic in a sad sort of way how bad these people are at singing!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! I hate reality shows in general. They have a complete lack of creativity.

Anonymous said...

I have not watched that show more than twice -- and then not all the way through. It hurts my souls to see people setting themselves up to be humilitated. What are we coming to as a nation if the only way we can feel good about ourselves is by watching someone else suffer? Next we'll be feeding Christians to lions.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the early shows, but I get into it when we get down to the ten or twelve with talent. I enjoy seeing them grow and accept the challenges of weekly "theme" shows. By the last few weeks American Idol is an event that everyone is talking about. i don't like to be left out.

Bryndell said...

I saw Dr Phil on TV last night with his POV, and I agree. You cant go on that show, and expect to NOT have them critisize you. He said that some of them are so awful they just want their 15 minutes of fame no matter how they can get it. I mean, seriously...some of those people are delusional if they think they have what it takes...

And sadly, real life isnt much easier. Imagine the same people giong to a record company, or a movie audtion? The same thing would likely happen. Its just not televised.