Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No Assembly Required?

I saw a box of two wine glasses at Walmart the other day. On the box were the words "no assembly required". Ok, this is not too hard for me to figure out. Take the two glasses out of the box and place on kitchen counter. Voila! Wine glasses! Oh come on now! Yeah, I have seen plastic glasses that had to be assembled (if you want to call it that) Really. Oh, but they didn't come with instructions. How hard would it to figure out that the flat base screws onto the bottom of the glass (plastic)? Just hold glass in left hand and attach base with right hand. Be sure to screw the base tightly so that it will not fall off. We certainly don't want that bottom part of the glass to fall off now do we? Nothing worse than trying to pour a glass of merlot for your girl(boy)friend only to have the base fall off because it was not correctly assembled. Oops, that would not be good for the relationship, would it. Finally wine glasses for dummies. No assembly required. Just pour the wine. You did buy the wine didn't you?