Monday, January 15, 2007

Weather on the Way, Maybe

All week-end long the media has been warning us about the bad weather to come. They have warned us to prepare for freezing rain and sleet and possible icing of the roads starting this afternoon. The worst of it should be here tomorrow night with the freezing rain and sleet. Tomorrow and the next day are supposed to be really bad. People have been going to the home improvement and food stores for everything from pipe insulation to blankets and food. Reminds me a little of the preparation for Rita. Since we didn't really get much mess from the hurricane, what about the cold? The city and county have all their trucks ready to work the streets. Will we really get any icy weather? I wouldn't mind a light dusting of snow, but I doubt that we happen. We don't get much snow here. Just ice and sleet. The last time we had really bad icy weather was in 1997. Will this be much ado about nothing? Will we have power outages and downed trees like I've been seeing in Oklahoma? Every time I see the local weather reports they always show the snow and sleet in central to north Texas. Two of my daughters live around all the mess that is moving this way. One lives in Early, the other around Waco. They'll probably get more mess than we will.

We thought we'd pick up some firewood this weekend. Usually during cold weather there are dozens of guys selling firewood on the side of the road. You can usually pick up a good load for $15-$30. Knowing that the weather was going to get cold this week, you'd think there would be a lot of firewood for sale. We did not see a single one selling wood. I was looking forward to getting cozy by the fire...

This also reminds me that the homeless need coats, warm clothes and blankets. The Star of Hope was out delivering stuff to people over the weekend.They will probably need a lot more.

So, I'll just wait and see if we have an ice storm or winter storm or nothing. Time will tell. I'm betting on less than more.