Wednesday, January 03, 2007

You Can Smile Now,Gary

Gary Kubiak had a difficult season this year. The Texans were loudly criticized for not drafting Vince Young or Reggie Bush. And of course there has been the on-going problems with David Carr. Will he still be here next year? Coach Kubiak dances around the subject every time he is asked the question. The first draft pick, Mario Williams has yet to prove his worth.

But the Texans and the fans can be proud of the pick of DeMeco Ryans as AP Defensive Rookie of the Year. Ryans was picked at the top of the second round of the draft, thirty-two picks behind first pick Mario Williams. DeMeco Ryans was drafted as an outside linebacker from Alabama. During training camp the Texans coaches decided to move him to middle linebacker. The rest is history. He quickly became the one bright spot in an otherwise dull team. He led the NFL with 126 solo tackles and a total of 156 tackles, 33 more than the next best, Ernie Sims of Detroit. No rookie in the last twenty years had more tackles. Yet, he says he would not be nothing without the other ten guys.Well, maybe. But DeMeco Ryans has taken on the leadership of the defense and the team in a lackluster season.

Yes, Coach Kubiak does have something to smile about now. The Houston Texans may have found a leader. From outside linebacker to middle linebacker and as such leader of the defense, Ryans is just beginning to shine. Hurry up Mario, you got some work to do!

Well done, Demeco Ryans, AP Dfensive Rookie of the Year!


Anonymous said...

I guess most people outside the States won't have much of a clue what this post is about. I've been following American Footie for about 17 years now. I've always followed the New England Patriots simply because they had England in their name. A mate of mine took allegiance with the Miami Dolphins and in the early days they definitely had the upper hand, but over the last few seasons we're getting our own back.