Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Where is the Firewood?

On just about any day, especially a week end, when the weather is a little cold, people are selling firewood on the roadside. So where is it? Is this a case of when you don't need it, you find it everywhere, when you do, it is nowhere to be found? We still don't have any and this house is cold. The downstairs is too cold, especially in the corner where the computer is. But the upstairs is too hot. We used the last of our firewood last night. It would be nice to have a fire going all day.

Maybe they ran out of wood? It is really weird. We have been looking for firewood ever since the weather started getting colder. I guess maybe we will find some when the temperature is 80 degrees and we dont need it. That is the way it goes. Even the stop and rob stores don't have any. Maybe I'll just go back up stairs.

And just why does my crazy Daisy sit in the chair shivering? I keep trying to get her to curl up in a blanket but she won't stay. Well, you had your chance Daisy. Don't come to me complaining! Look at Lady, she has the right idea. Hunker down under her blanket. Where's mine?