Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thanks, Craig

Finally a tiny voice has been heard. Craig Ferguson has vowed not to make any more jokes about Britney Spears. Good for him. I know that she has been fodder for a lot of jokes. I, myself, have laughed at them. But then there comes the point when you realize these jokes are about another human being in trouble. Mr. Ferguson and many other famous people have had their demons with the bottle or drugs. Just look at Robin Williams, Drew Barrymore or Robert Downey,Jr. They are painfully aware of the glare of the spotlight made even harsher because of bad behavior. They have seemed to learn their lesson. At least they say they have.

We have to remember other people have problems too, maybe in our own families. Do we laugh at them? No, hopefully we try to help and support them. Being famous is no different. It is just more "big screen". Money and fame make things more available not necessarily better. The teen drinking the parents vodka is just like the star doing coke, just on a smaller scale. Somehow they all must hit bottom. Then they can climb back to sanity.

Bravo, Craig! The Britney jokes were getting a little hard to take. It takes one to know one so they say. Ferguson nearly ruined his life, so he understands. After all, remember that old saying,"people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"?


Anonymous said...

You're right there isn't anything funny about another human being who is in trouble for any reason. Now if Anna Nicolle can be included in the no jokes zone...