Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Grilling 101

Cooking food on the grill is a art according to some people. I am beginning to agree with that. There is nothing so mouth watering and enticing as the aroma of a steak being grilled outside. That is unless the person doing the grilling as poured so much charcoal lighter fluid on the coals that all you smell is the starter fluid. Ugh! Set up the grill, put in the appropriate amount of charcoal and a little fluid to help start the fire. Do not drown the charcoal! Why do people think that they need to pour so much charcoal starter on it? I've had food cooked outside which tasted more like charcoal starter than the food. This is in addition to the smell wafting through the air. Come on people! It's a steak, not a NASA rocket! Patience is an important key to outdoor grilling. Get the fire going and wait for the coals to get nice and hot. Steak tastes much better with out the fire starter marinade! Jeez!

Maybe some one should go tell our new neighbor the art of the grill. Both the new guy and the previous guy use so much starter that the smell permeates every bit of the air both outsde and into my house. I'm not a fan of the smell of charcoal starter. I can taste it on the food if we use to much. But the smell while the food is cooking is enough to gag a maggot! Come on! Less is more! Treat the steak with respect and it will be a wonderful experience. Learn the art of grilling, please!


Anonymous said...

Many years ago I bought an electric charcoal starter, a crude little thing with a coil and wire. It has lasted through many summers and saved a lot of money on starter, not to mention the food doesn't taste like rocket fuel when it is finished.

carmilevy said...

I like your subtle approach to grilling. Wish my Dad had appreciated this lesson when we were kids.

I ate enough carbon to start my own diamond mine.

cube said...

That's why we switched to a propane grill. It's so much easier & the food is tastier.