Friday, February 23, 2007

It's Friday and...

As I sit here I wonder how the day will go. After all it is only 7:22 in the morning. At least the week is almost over. Jimmy will be happy about that. He will be on the computer playing poker most of the weekend. I just hope there will be something to watch on tv. When I gets into poker he is lost in his own world.

The Houston Rodeo parade is Saturday morning. Not being a livestock or rodeo fan I don't plan to watch the parade. Then again the weather is supposed to be bad. Of course it always seems to rain on the parade. Ho hum.

I was watching Court TV yesterday when the judge in the Anna Nicole circus made his tearful decision to award her remains to the attorney for the baby. I heard that the judge was looking for a gig as a "People's Court" type tv show. Good grief! Judge Judy he isn't! I can just see Judge Judy crying in the court room. This guy is just unbelievable. He is as much a nut job as the characters in the trial. Somehow he doesn't seem to represent the judicial system very well to me. I wonder what the Florida legal and judicial people think of him.

I think it is time for me to try to clean out the mess that is described as a garden along the front of our patio. Someone had an idea to plant airplane plants in there. I have no idea how long ago that was but they have become a jungle. Man, they are thick. What a mess. Apparently nobody around here has taken any kind of care of the gardening and landscaping around here. I use that term loosely. There is not much grass in the back and all the shrubs need to be pruned.

Now I am irritated because the coffeee has grounds in it. Apparently the paper filter folded over itself . Now there is a nice little mess with coffee all over the counter and coffee grounds floating everywhere. Ugh! I hope this isn't a bad sign.


B.R.L said...

I hope someone will give the baby good care who ever the father is. They all seem a bit strange to me.

Anonymous said...

The whole Anna Nicole thing has been such a trainwreck, but the judge has been the engineer. What a putz, I hope Florida has a way of getting rid of this starstruck idiot.

Hope your day got better.

.Tom Kapanka said...

I was so in the dark about who this lady was until her death. It takes so little to get America glued to the tube. Even though these people are trainwrecks waiting to happen (I agree jan), it's still sort of pathetic when so many people want to watch the wreck. Then they pile on like you pointed out Wednesday with the now-bald Britney.
There is a difference between the human need to connect and the sort of narcissism spawned by the glare of fame. How sad the need to be adored more than love--to enjoy the flash of a camera more than the twinkle in a loved one's eyes. Oh, my gotta go... the Oscars are on!... Just kidding, I'm not a big fan, but I'm sure viewers will see plenty of what I'm talking about tonight.
Tip of the day on coffee filters:
You know how hard they are to separate while they're all pressed together? Take about ten of them and turn them "in side out". Then use them that way. They separate easily and are less likely to fold in on themselves during the brewing.

Anonymous said...

This is a pathetic case at it's best. I wish somehow they would just get Anna Nicole buried, take a few samples of whomever they need to and get on with the show. We don't have to know so much about all of this case. I think none of us are as interested in the case as the media is in bringing it to us. The media, most of them, need to get a life and then judges like the dude in Fla wouldn't be so gung ho on taking cases like this just for the show of it. Very few people have common sense these days. Especially the ones feeding us with the "news". Whew...that was a mouth full!