Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good Luck With That!

My four year old granddaughter recently asked her parents to have her ears pierced. Hum... I know that her mother had wanted to do it earlier but daddy said wait until she asks. Well the question has been asked. Good luck with that mom. I just hope that the four year old will be more patient (and still) that her older sister was. Man, just brushing the hair of the older sister was a major pain (at least Chey thought so). So much drama and crying and screaching and crying...Well you get the picture.

Now let's consider a four year old with a jewelery box and earrings. How many of those tiny things are going to end up sticking a foot or toe? And of course this will be followed by loud howls of pain. And that is from the mother! Within a few weeks how many pairs will still be together?

Will the young one be able to sit still for cleaning and so on? Considering the blood curdling screams this little girl can make, will the neighbors move? So much whaling about so little. Then will there be some rivalry about who wears what earrings? Of course the older girl should have control of her own earrings. But I know the little one...Sneaky is one word that comes to mind.

And of course there is the weekend scene. Mom and dad sound asleep early in the morning. The blast of the vocal talents of such a little girl are about to become evident. Mom, I can't get these in!" There will be no peace in the house until it the earrings are in place. But for how long? Mom only thought she was going to get some extra sleep.

Little girls and earrings. As Dr. Phil would say "How's that working for ya?"


Anonymous said...

It always puzzles me when parents purposely do things or allow the children to do things that make their lives more complicated. Ah, well, as grandparents we always have the hindsight of great experience, I guess.:>)

Bryndell said...

Hee hee. Shes been quite the little trooper about it. Shes holding still for her cleanings, and proudly showing them off to anyone who will look. She hardly even fussed when it was done.