Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Shoes? Got Money?

Oh Boy! Some people in Houston are standing in line for a chance to get one of 23 pairs of the new Air Jordan 23 Premier shoes for $230. Only one store in each of 23 cities will be selling the shoes. The Active Athletic shoe store in Houston is selling them. One guy has apparently been standing in line since Saturday for a chance at these shoes.

I guess it is a big deal for some people. After all it has been 23 years since the first Air Jordan shoes came out. And if you don't remember, 23 was Michael Jordan's number when he played basketball with the Chicago Bulls. Just think, if you have $230 that you don't need, get in line. Good luck.

I have already seen them listed on eBay for over $1,000. Good grief. I'm sure they will ultimately sell for much more. I just can't understand why. Nor would I stand in line to buy them from the store. But I guess some lucky person will be happy to get a pair in hand so he (or she) can say that he got of of 23 pairs from one of only 23 stores in the entire country.

Well, I guess someone will have an expensive pair of shoes under the Christmas tree. Are they really worth that amount of money? I don't even want to think what people would be willing to pay on eBay for these things. They are shoes, people! And I though my New Balance shoes were expensive at $50.


maria said...

Maybe those people should spend some time in Haiti looking for a few pieces of rice to eat with some beans, then, maybe they will understand.


cube said...

Even if I were rich I still wouldn't spend $230 for pair of sneakers.

And anyone who stands in line for the "privilege" if buying a pair, has more money than sense.

Duez said...

Good thing the theme wasn't '45' (jordan's baseball # and basketball # for a brief time after his retirement comback - the first time). those shoes might have been $450.