Wednesday, June 10, 2009

As I Tap My Fingers on My Desk...

There are times when I am inpatient. Yes, that is an understatement. On the other hand maybe I'm always impatient - I just hide it well. Yeah right! Where's my mail!

I notified the wonderful USPS to change my address effective May 15th. Since I did this on-line they gleefully took the dollar from my card. Today is June 10,2009. I know this because my PC tells me so when I point my mouse at the time on the tray. So how many days does that make since I changed my address? I have not gotten any of my mail yet. Well, except for the letter the USPS sent me to tell me I changed my address. I wonder how much the postage for that was? Especially with the junk they stuck in the envelope along with the "conformation" that I might need for some "local agencies and/or resources" for proof of my move. It's no wonder they have no money and keep raising stamp prices... Hey dude - where's my mail?

Add that to the fact that my semi-husband has yet to send me the packet that the New Hampshire collection agency idiots sent to the wrong address. It was on May 29th when he IM'd me about that. Oh, gee, he forgot! Grrr. I guess it's just another perfect example of "out of sight, out of mind". I guess that also goes for the divorce filing, too .

And I still have no clue about a car. Since the one I was supposed to get died... I have not heard any more about that. Yeah I know cars don't just appear out of the blue. But all of this just adds to my frustration and impatience. I find myself sitting at my desk, tapping my fingers as I listen to some Barry Manilow cd's, wondering how much longer I will be able to remain patient. Tap, tap, tap.,tap...


cube said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we had a similar lost mail nightmare happen to us. Our next door neighbor sold his house and it was demolished. The lot, being very large, was subdivided into two properties, and it caused an address change all the way down our street. This happened last summer and our mail is still messed up.

I hope you fare better than we did.