Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Put the Phone Down Now!

When are people going to realize that most of us are not gifted enough to text and drive at the same time? Of course some of us can't walk and chew gum at the same time, but anyway...

Texas linebacker Sergio Kindle was treated for a concussion after crashing his car into an Austin apartment building last week while he was either sending or receiving a text message, his attorney said Monday.

Kindle’s attorney, Brian Roark, said Kindle lost control of the car on June 24 while looking at the message.

“It was probably something he should not have been doing,” Roark said. Gee, I could have told him that!

The crash caused about $8,700 damage and no one inside was hurt. After the crash, Kindle pushed the car back into the street and went home. He was checked by team doctors and told he had a concussion but did not have to be hospitalized.

University spokesman John Bianco said Kindle told his coaches about the accident the next morning.

“We’re glad nobody else was hurt and he’s going to be fine,” Bianco said.

Police Cpl. Scott Perry said police are still investigating but no charges have been filed. Perry said police have not talked to Kindle or Roark.

Because Kindle hit a stationary object and did not injure anyone else, he is only required to file a report with the Texas Department of Transportation, Roark said, adding he planned to file it as early as Monday.

Roark said Kindle would pay for the damages himself or through insurance if it is covered.

Guess this gives new meaning to the phrase "Hook em Horns".


cube said...

I see morons texting while driving all the time. I try to steer clear of them, but it's getting harder & harder to do that.

Unknown said...

Yeah, it really is an art to dodging the texters.

texas_fan said...

My daughter does it. She sent me a text this morning, "Kid Kraddock is interview Barry on the radio right now". It freaks me out. I'm so afraid for her driving in Dallas traffic texting. I used to worry about her talking on the cellphone. This is MUCH worse.

pineapple said...

ranks right up there with people that read while driving. i just wonder why people have to be told that texting while driving is dangerous. duh!